How You Can Adjust Your Social Media Marketing to Reach New Audiences

Written by Abby Jetton

Every company has a target audience. A target audience is a specific demographic of people that you are seeking to reach with your messaging. What if your company would like to target outside of that specific audience? Luckily, social media allows us to adjust our content to reach new individuals or groups.

Having strategy for your marketing is important. Marketing without a strategy could be wasteful to your companies’ dollars. Once a strategy is developed and an audience is decided, you can dive deeper into ads on Facebook. Ads through the backend of Facebook give you many options when deciding who you are targeting. You can create your own custom audience in many ways. Some ways are by using data you currently have such as email addresses, website visitors, people who watch your Facebook videos, people who are engaged with your page or event, and more! Creating a custom audience is an easy and quick way to reach a new audience.

There are other ways to reach new audiences through your Facebook Ads. You can adjust your targeted location by adding zip codes or miles around an area. You can also target specific interests; for example, it can be parents to specific activities. These are just a few quick ways to adjust your marketing to reach a new audience. You can also create a “page like campaign” through your Ads Manager. This message needs to give the consumer a reason to like your page. Once the campaign is created, your number in likes should begin to rise just giving you and your business more possible consumers.

When creating social content through your frontend of Facebook, it is important to think about your message. Adjusting your messaging will help reach the audience you are looking for. You need to think of yourself as a consumer and figure out what message you would like to see. Hashtags are a fast way to spread your message and reach new audiences. You can keep your hashtags consistent depending on your brand and add new ones, depending on your messaging.

Making sure your company has a successful marketing strategy is the first thing to think of when reaching audiences. Once your strategy is developed then you can use the tips above to get into the details of targeting an audience. There are many helpful tools that allow us to reach people from all around the world, take advantage of it.

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