Brittany Douglas

Media Buyer



I don’t have any form of social media and never have.

Although born in Olney, TX, I was raised in Wichita Falls the majority of my life. I attended Midwestern State University, where I earned a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in Educational Leadership. I taught high school English for three years. After the birth of my second child, I chose to stay-at-home with him for a year. Although I loved this time with my son, I wanted to get back into the professional world, so I applied at Hoegger Communications, which has been a fulfilling experience! My husband and I will be celebrating our five-year anniversary this year, and we have two boys, Hayden and Benjamin, who keep us pretty active.

How are you creating a new normal and taking care of yourself during this time of uncertainty?

I really seek to be intentionally positive every day we are in shelter-in-place. Each day, I want to try something new, create something, learn something, or be active with my two sons. I want this experience to be one that they look back on fondly when they’re older, and one that reconnects and slows my family down, so that we are reminded what’s truly important. 

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