Taylor Weaver

Account Executive



A fun fact about myself is I am bilingual!

I grew up in the wonderful small town of Archer City, Texas, where I still reside today with my husband, Julian. I studied mass communication and Spanish at Midwestern State University, where I developed an interest in pursuing a career in public relations and advertising. I knew in college I wanted the opportunity to work at a marketing agency and am grateful I am part of Hoegger Communications! Hoegger Communications has allowed me to expand on my knowledge of social media and email marketing along with learning so many new marketing and communication skills. Marketing changes every day and you have to be willing to change your mindset and strategy quickly. I am grateful to work alongside creative and talented team members. Outside of work, I enjoy time with my family. I spend many hours on the couch cuddled with my cats, Jinx and Jax, and going on long walks with my dog, Arthur. I love photography, reading, and traveling to new places! 

How are you creating a new normal and taking care of yourself during this time of uncertainty?

Truth is, change is hard for me. In this time, I am working on keeping my routine as best as I can. I rise and go to bed at the same time on weekdays, try to eat at the same time and find a way to exercise daily. This “new normal” does feel to give more downtime and I am also trying to create more “me time.” I have been coloring and reading for leisure and watching shows I have not been able to binge-watch in months. I have enjoyed the slower pace and, in some ways, being forced to rest at home. This change is also hard for me as I miss seeing my family on a frequent basis.

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