Branding is more than just a logo

Written by Summer Ewing

Big or small, one of the most critical elements for a business is their branding. But what is branding? Is it just my logo? Should I make my logo bigger, or just put it on every photo that I post? While your logo is an essential part of your business, your branding is so much more than that, especially when done right.

Your branding is a combination of your promise, your personality, and your people. Let’s go into more detail on those elements.

Your Promise:

What is your promise to your customers, and what is your position in your market that makes your customers want to choose you over your competitors? Make sure your promise is clear and consistent with the product and/or services that you provide. This is what sets your brand apart and makes you known, rather than just another wave in the ocean.

Your Personality:

This is a big one. Your brand’s personality is your brand’s voice, design, and overall experience. Is your brand fun and quirky, making jokes in your responses to comments? Is your brand sleek and professional, keeping things clean and tight in all your designs? Whatever your take, make sure that your personality is shown in the fonts and color you design with, the tone of voice in your text copy and responses, and across any other design elements that contribute to your brand so that people know who you are and aren’t confused by the messaging that you’re putting out.

Your People:

Lastly, your people contribute to your brand. Your logo can be recognized anywhere, but if your customer’s experience with your people (whether it’s customer service, sales reps, or the CEO getting their coffee in the morning) can make or break your brand. Your vision statement is one of the first things that you create when building your business, and while it can adapt and grow over the years, it’s important to make sure your team and vendors are aware of the company’s mission and their work reflects that.

So, while a beautiful logo is something to behold, make sure that you don’t let your brand stop there. Be authentic and be consistent when deciding and executing your branding.

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