Do Colors Really Matter in Marketing and Branding?

Written by Hayden Gerstner

It’s difficult for me to show you an emotion through colors, but I promise you it’s there. Look at it from the angle of the English language. The absence or presence of a comma can change the entire meaning of a sentence. For example, there’s a cannibalistic difference between “Let’s eat grandma” and “Let’s eat, grandma.” The same holds true for colors. The absence or presence of colors will have entirely different meanings for your brand.

When it comes to making graphics, sometimes you choose colors that are your favorites or they just “look pretty”. In actuality, there is an entire science behind choosing the right colors to represent your brand, product, and business.

To put it simply, different colors evoke different emotions and perceived personalities. Here is a quick break down on what each color represents:

Now, you may think that you want to use 4, 8 or all 10 of these colors. But how many times have you ran across a graphic that had the entire rainbow? If you have, it was probably too busy to look at or too hard to read.

As humans, we like things in 3’s. So it is a good rule of thumb to choose no more than 3 colors. Find what best represents who your business is. Don’t be afraid to share it with others that know your business’ values and ask for their opinion as well.

Here is a bonus tip when it comes to color science. The 3 colors, Red, Black and Yellow, are the most eye catching of them all. This does not mean to use them as your brand’s colors, but find a way to utilize them in your marketing efforts.

Whether it’s with a yellow sign up button, or red lettering on a “Sale” sign. These colors pull attention, doesn’t mean they always look great for an overall brand design. So be sure to use them when necessary. And stick with your brand’s color scheme to keep top of mind in your customers’ eyes.

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