How Can I Get My Small Business to be seen on Social Media?

Written by Summer Ewing

When running your own business, a substantial following on social media is a must. Social media is a way for you to share your brand, give your followers business updates, and gives businesses the opportunity to personally connect with clients. Social media is a powerful tool for all businesses, and front-end and back-end campaigns have a distinct advantage, when working together.

A struggle for many businesses, when it comes to social media, is getting your posts seen by the right potential client. This is best achieved by running front-end and back-end campaigns, which is placing money behind certain posts (Boosting) for them to be seen by more people; in turn, creating more engagement to your social media page.

A front-end campaigns’ main objective is to help your organic, or unpaid promotions, be seen by more people; thus, receiving more reactions from current followers or clients. This is the way a business’ posts can receive more likes and comments from those already following their page. Although, some potential clients may see these organic posts, this is not the best avenue to reach new audiences.

With back-end campaigns, all posts are paid promotions. Back-end campaigns offer customization with your post to promote what reaction you want on your page, such as page likes, video views, viewing website, and/or contacting your business. All back-end posts say “Sponsored” in the top left corner and will be able to be seen by a variety of people you choose. Paid promotions are intended for companies trying to promote their business in a certain area or demographic.

No matter which posting is style chosen, the best strategy is to post often. Having a strong social media presence on a business page is mandatory for high social media engagement. Managing and maintaining front-end and back-end takes effort, but the results of a well-executed campaign is unparalleled.

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