How Do I Effectively Use Facebook Messenger?

Written by Cayley Strickland

Facebook Messenger is a simple and easy way for consumers to connect directly with your company or business. It allows them to voice any questions or concerns and allows you to answer them in a personal manner. Here are some quick guidelines on using Facebook Messenger effectively for your page!

Set up an Automatic Response

Messenger allows you to set up an automatic response that will greet your customers as soon as their message appears. This feature will allow you to acknowledge their message promptly and let them know a live person will get back to them soon. You can personalize this message with the customer name, a timeframe they can expect a response, and other contact information, if you so choose.

Respond Quickly

You must respond to messages as quickly as possible. Most of the time customers are coming to you looking for an answer to a question. Responding quickly will show the customer you value them and their time. Facebook tracks your response rate and response time to formulate an estimated wait time that customers can see when they visit your page.

Proofread. Proofread. Proofread.

The worst thing you could do is send a message that is full of errors. Not only does it lower your credibility with your customer, but it also shows you are putting forth minimal effort in responding to them. Take the time to proofread your message before you send it. Things to watch for are correct punctuation and grammar, spelling their name correctly when addressing them, and keeping your response short and concise.

Be Professional AND Personal

This tip goes beyond Facebook Messenger and should be considered when addressing customers on any platform. Maintain a nice balance of professionalism and personalization when responding to customers. Personalizing your messaging to fit each customer will once again show them you value their business. Keeping it professional will increase your credibility.


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