How Do I Get More Followers on my Business Page?

Written by Summer Ewing

Everyone wants to have a cool business page with lots of engagement and tons of followers, but how do you get people to follow you?

Give people a reason to follow you. Have fun and engaging posts that are geared toward your best customer. These posts will entail information on a certain topic about your business, along with a creative graphic that draws attention to a possible customer. You could run a fun contest asking people to “like, comment, and share” your business page in order to be entered into a contest. This is a good campaign to run to give you page engagement and more followers.

Run a page like a campaign through Facebook’s backend. Running a page like a campaign will help you to get more followers. You are able to choose your budget, design your ad, and filter who you want to see this ad by location, age, gender, and even interests.

You want to have followers who engage in your social content such as liking, commenting, and sharing your posts, not just random followers. This will give you page more engagement and allow it to be seen by others. A way to do this could be as simple as having a friend share your posts from your page. This will allow all of your friend’s followers to be able to see your page’s posts.

Give people a reason to follow you. Think of content that will grab attention. A great way to come up with ideas for this creative content is looking at large business examples that are similar to your business.

Have exclusive offers available to those who follow your business page. Share coupons, deals, updates, and giveaways that are exclusive to social media followers. Use your page to show products, special offers, and information regarding your business. Also, be sure to respond to your followers and interact with them on your page.

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