How do you use Facebook to attract more automotive leads?

Written by Megan January

There is no doubt the way people are shopping for vehicles is changing. When it comes to shopping for a new vehicle, social media sites are the biggest influence on their decision. Facebook has over 2 billon active users today. This makes Facebook the most powerful and cost-effective marketing channel. So how do you use it to attract more leads?

Gain more brand awareness

Video has taken over Facebook newsfeed! Don’t worry, these do not have to be professionally produced or long. They can be a quick 15 to 30 second video educating your customer on your current inventory. The key is to be authentic and real. People want to know who they are going to engage with when they shop your lot.

Retarget your customers

This is a way to talk to your customers that were on your website but didn’t complete an action (i.e fill out a form). Think of it as a “reminder” to come back to your website. This is considered your low hanging fruit. Retargeting customers that do not complete an action the first time around using Facebook targeting tools like the Pixel, will allow you to stay top of mind. This will ultimately drive more conversions.

Automotive Inventory Ads or Dynamic Product Ads

Using Facebook’s Dynamic Ad tool automatically generates ads based on user activity on your dealership’s site. The most important feature is that potential customers will always be shown the vehicles relevant to them. With Dynamic Product ads, ads will show real-time availability and pricing based on vehicles they show intent to purchase.

Advertising on social media changes every day. Hoegger Communications is here to create a strategy that will work for your dealership. Reach out to us today to see how we can help you maintain a presence on social media while attracting more leads for your dealership.

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