Is Email Marketing Effective?

Written by Erica Sawyer

There is a lot of controversy about whether email marketing is still effective in the digital and social media world. While advertising on social media yields a lot of engagement and exposure, users should still leverage their message through email marketing.

Like social media, email marketing can be a very personalized channel to keep your current customers engaged and attract prospects to the brand too! A lot of email marketing platforms, such as, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and Salesforce offer customizable email automation. This makes it easy to connect with customers on your schedule! An example of this would be to send welcome email series, birthday and anniversary notifications, as well as, reminder emails.

The key is to produce more opens, clicks and convert prospects to customers. If your email marketing isn’t providing a good return on investment, let’s redesign the current strategy.

Here are a couple of tips to create a responsive email campaign:


It all starts with crafting a catchy subject line. This is the first impression that will urge people to click-through.

Think small but mighty. The subject line should be kept short but portray a sense of urgency, curiosity, and personalization.

Personalization leads us into #2.


 Send the right campaigns to the right people. This will automatically boost the open and click-through rate because users won’t be overwhelmed with spam mail. Segmented campaigns, on average, result in 23% higher open rates.

For example, don’t send an email reminder about their car being due for service when they just got their car serviced.


 Donald Miller could not have said it better in StoryBrand Principle Five.


Customers Do Not Take Action Unless They Are Challenged To Take Action.”

 We all underestimate the power of the Buy Now, Shop Now, Contact Us button. Customers receive over 3,000 advertising messages per day. Without a strong call to action, the message will be lost in the mix too.

An effective CTA is an invitation. It tells someone what they should do and provides them with why they should do it. It should be clear, specific and stand out.

*In our blog Do Color Really Matter in Marketing and Branding, Hayden provides a bonus tip that Red, Black and Yellow are the most eye-catching colors of all. Try to include these in your CTA button.

In short, email marketing with a strong social strategy remains a great way to reach an audience. It takes time and effort but leveraging a strong email marketing campaign will keep the brand fresh in the users mind.

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