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We help our clients connect with their audience and grow their business using strategy, creativity and expertise.

Branding is all about cohesion. It’s about telling the story of your company across multiple mediums and multiple platforms with a consistent look, sound and feel that is easily identifiable as yours.

Digital Marketing

The landscape of marketing has rapidly evolved. In today’s world, we are so connected to technology; it travels with us while we eat, work, sleep, and even while we celebrate. We help you reach your target audience at the right time, on the right screen, and with the correct message that encourages audience interaction.

Web Design

Ever growing and ever changing; the web now encompasses so much more than just one screen chained to a mammoth desk. It’s everywhere, from your TV, to mobile devices, laptops, tablets, and even your watches. We build responsive websites that function across multiple platforms, optimized for your customers satisfaction.


Commercials, documentaries, movies, interviews, and reviews – It is said that video is the new photography and 2019 will be the year of the play button. The most important rule when telling any story is “show don’t tell.” Video is the perfect medium to share your story in an impactful way to your potential customers.



Johannes Gutenberg invented the world’s first printing press in 1450. We have come a long way since then; however, print work is still an incredibly powerful medium. We believe it is an important pillar in the success of most campaigns. From business cards, postcards, menus, brochures, and magazines… there is still nothing like holding a quality printed piece in your hands.

Social Media

24/7 we’re locked in. We’re a social world and it’s important to create relative content that is unique for each platform. Social media users are being blasted everyday from all angles with ads. Word of mouth and peer to peer sharing is more important than ever. It’s not just about you, it’s about what you can offer to the viewer that is important to THEM. What value can you provide? We work with you, to develop meaningful strategy and content to grow an INTERACTIVE social media presence.


Nothing beats a packed house filled with happy friends, family, and potential customers. Great food, great lighting, great music, and memories. At #TeamHC we pride ourselves on turning gatherings into EVENTS. Let us handle it all. From brainstorming, to finding the perfect location, setting up sound and lighting, and creating invitations; we’ve got you covered. Just bring your party shoes!



Theater of the mind. The mixture of a well crafted script and excellent production can paint powerful emotion-evoking images. Would you like an elephant, an airplane, or perhaps a ferocious roaring lion to star in your next commercial? Radio opens a world of possibility to you, at an unbeatable price. According to the recent Nielsen report, more than 90 percent of Americans listen to AM/FM radio at least once per week. Radio still reigns.


Customer service and quality assurance can either be your golden nugget or your kryptonite. The most beautiful marketing tools and powerful branding campaigns mean nothing, if the service or quality provided is not up to par.

  • It’s all about video
  • Our process
  • Some of our latest work

Marketing in 2019

It’s all about Video

“Video is a Massively Powerful Marketing Tool… video content is one of the most powerful tools you can use to boost sales” ~Entrepreneur.

And boy do we love video!

So let’s talk about you… what are you waiting for?


Our Process

There has to be a beginning, a middle, an end



Before any project can begin, whether it’s a new branding campaign with us here at HC or a craft project at home with your son or daughter, it’s crucial to define the scope and the specific needs required. This first step is one many people want to often over look, but it’s extremely important to identify WHERE we’re heading before we can get there and celebrate



Your identity is more than just a name written on a sheet of paper or the sound of words rolling off the tongue of a potential customer. Well, it’s all this plus some… it’s the immediate perceived impression you give about who you are and the value you can (or can’t) bring to the table. It’s a look, it’s a vibe, it’s your logo and value proposition (tag line) and should be custom tailored for the absolute best outcome on the planet.



Branding is all about cohesion. It’s about telling the story of your company across multiple mediums and multiple platforms with a consistent look, sound and feel that is easily identifiable as yours. Together we’ll develop a brand communications plan with your specific goals in mind, be it short or long term, all with this goal in mind: get people talking about your business!



Logos, brochures, campaigns, promotions, radio & tv commercials, advertising, events, website, social media, email marketing, customer service training… this is where we make things happen, with passion, dedication, a lot of coffee!

Some of Our Latest Work

““I have reached out to Hoegger Communications on several occasions to help on various marketing projects. This is a young and energetic team that is always ready for a challenge. I have watched this office get very involved in the city and they never seem to miss an event to represent not only their office…

Stephen Santallenna

Mayor, Wichita Falls, Texas


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