What are the most common social media campaign objectives?

Written by Cayley Strickland

Social media is a perfect tool to spread awareness and brand messaging for your business. However, without marketing objectives to push that message in the right direction, it is meaningless. In this article, we will break down common social media marketing objectives and how they are beneficial to your business!

Brand Awareness: 

General brand awareness campaigns are pretty close to what it sounds like… increasing the number of people who recognize your brand. Brand awareness campaigns are designed to target customers that will most likely be interested in your product or service. These campaigns are used not only in the beginning stages of your business but also to help maintain a steady flow of awareness as your business continues to grow!


Traffic campaigns drive people to where you want them to go. Whether it be to your website, app, or even messaging system. There are a few different optimization options when setting up a traffic campaign. One being Link Clicks and another being Landing Page Views. These are the most beneficial optimization options for this type of ad. Link Clicks will target people who are more likely to click on your ad while Landing Page Views target people who will click the link and load your landing page.


Engagement ads are a good way to reach people who will engage with your post and page. This includes comments, reactions, and shares. You can customize engagement ads in a few different ways, such as Post Engagement, Page Likes, Event Responses, and Offer Claims. This will allow you to present your ads in a way to increase any of these areas.

Lead Generation: 

This ad objective will allow you to acquire new leads for your business. It is the only ad objective that includes contact information forms that potential customers can fill out if they chose. You can use these filled out forms to make personal contact with leads using email marketing.


The conversions objective is the last ad objective we will cover today. This objective is formatted to drive valuable action on your website, app, or messaging platform. Valuable action can include, purchases, add to cart, or app downloads. Since this objective is connected to online purchases or downloads you will need a Facebook pixel set up on your website to run this type of campaign.

There you have it! The most commonly used campaign objectives and a short break down of each one. If you are still unsure where to start on your next ad campaign, give us a call at 940-692-7999! Our team would be happy to help your business reach its full potential.

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