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Won “Best in Show”

Oh Deer

Won “Best in Humor”


Winners at the Oklahoma City Addy Award Show – 2020

We couldn’t be more excited about our most recent ADDY© Awards at the Oklahoma City Addy Award Show and we’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy our winning videos, “Best in Show” and “Best in Humor”!


We may be small, but we are mighty!

At Hoegger Communications we team up with our clients to help them effectively communicate their offerings to the world. Our focus is to create beautiful, engaging content that surprises and exceeds the expectations of our clients. We are #TeamHC


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01. Discovery

Before any project can begin, whether it’s a new branding campaign with us here at HC or a craft project at home with your son or daughter, it’s crucial to define the scope and the specific needs required. This first step is one many people want to often over look, but it’s extremely important to identify WHERE we’re heading before we can get there and celebrate.

02. Identity

Your identity is more than just a name written on a sheet of paper or the sound of words rolling off the tongue of a potential customer. Well, it’s all this plus some… it’s the immediate perceived impression you give about who you are and the value you can (or can’t) bring to the table. It’s a look, it’s a vibe, it’s your logo and value proposition (tag line) and should be custom tailored for the absolute best outcome on the planet.

03. Strategy

Branding is all about cohesion. It’s about telling the story of your company across multiple mediums and multiple platforms with a consistent look, sound and feel that is easily identifiable as yours. Together we’ll develop a brand communications plan with your specific goals in mind, be it short or long term, all with this goal in mind: get people talking about your business!

04. Execution

Logos, brochures, campaigns, promotions, radio & tv commercials, advertising, events, website, social media, email marketing, customer service training… this is where we make things happen, with passion, dedication, a lot of coffee!

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